An Ode to Summer
Introducing the Newlyn plaster white sconce by Martin Huxford

The Newlyn plaster white sconce is an ode to summer, to abstraction and to the pleasure of hand sculpted design. Newlyn's repeated organic pattern, and the tactile detail and texture of the piece, lend depth and warmth to an interior.


Martin brings his signature expressive sculptural style to the Newlyn sconce. He places the joyful rhythm of repetition at the heart of his design, yet simultaneously challenges patterned regularity through the unique hand crafted nature of each sculpted half bowl.


Martin's design is inspired by a long held affection for Cornwall and abstract artist Terry Frost's work, specifically the repeated half circle motif which defines Frost's paintings of quaysides and beaches. Referencing this imagery, Martin has created an abstract sculptural landscape for the Newlyn sconce.


The generous sculptural curves are given heightened definition by the decorative row of hand etched lines which mark the outer edge of the arms.


Made to order at our Sussex Studio. Hand sculpted by Martin Huxford.


Dimensions: ht.66cm x w.20cm x d.11cm (26"x8"x4")


+44 (0)1903 740134

May 25, 2023
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