Elemental Bronze Sculptural table lamps by Martin Huxford

Our handmade statement bronze lighting collection for 2023 foregrounds Martin's latest sculptural work. Showcasing Totem and Cerne, a pair of monumental table lamps inspired by ancient elemental forms expressed in a modern style.


Martin's sculptural lamps create atmosphere and emotion through his celebration of the artisanal qualities of the handmade, the beauty of simple line and curve, and his richly textured surfaces. The work is an evocative expression of the innately ancient, expressed in a contemporary form.


Working initially in plaster, Martin uses the expressive properties of the material to sculpt and carve complex shapes with a deep sense of mass, gradually building and shaping the form over time. The complexity and richness of texture lends the sculpted lamps a dramatic presence.


Complex elemental shapes and rich textural marks combine in these unique sculpted lamps, to hint at human forms and common myths.


Hand sculpted and made to order at our Sussex Studio.
Sculpted in plaster, and cast in bronze before patinating.


Totem Size: ht.90cm x w.20cm x d.20cm (35.5"x8"x8") (ht excludes shade)
Cerne Size: ht.79cm x w.23cm x d.10cm (31"x9"x4") (ht excludes shade)

June 8, 2023
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